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Acquisition, Disposal & Merger Consultancy
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Acquisition, Disposal & Merger Consultancy

Acquisition, Disposal & Merger Consultancy

When you are working in a competitive market place it may be that you could expand your business through acquisition or merger. Or perhaps it’s time to consider early retirement through the successful disposal of a business you have worked hard to build? Whichever direction you are considering you will need careful and strategic planning in terms of value, structure and taxation. We could be just the Practice that you need.


You may have decided that your company is booming and now is the time to invest in some strategic acquisitions. This is a big step and one not to be taken lightly or without advice. At MMO our chartered accountants have years of experience working with companies who have bought additional businesses over the years. We can offer guidance and advice to help you through the financial legalities of buying a company including due diligence and strategy.


Integrating companies can be difficult because companies are different. Each company will have its own culture, its own way of carrying out business and unique management style.  Our experienced team are on hand to help you identify these differences, evaluate their respective strengths and implement an appropriate plan for a successful business combination.


You may be about to retire, or wish to concentrate your efforts and resources on the more profitable companies within your organisation. Whatever your reason to sell, we can help you with this. Avoid unnecessary costs and resources, get us involved and we will ensure the process runs smoothly for you, your employees and your company.

Before you start the process of buying or selling a business, please call or contact us today!